Learning the art of crochet with Bright Red Cherries. 

I’m on mat leave with at least 20 other women at the moment. That seems like a lot, until you realise that I work with about 350 people- most of them women. 

We have a good crew. Mostly creative, lateral thinkers so it’s no surprise that so many of us were keen to learn crochet whilst nursing our babies, making them beanies and booties. This winter’s been a bit cold here in Adelaide. 

I’d seen instagram posts for Bright Red Cherries and thought I’d contact them to see if they were interested in teaching a couple of classes to me and my friends. We had a venue sorted, so Cherry was keen to come to our baby friendly space and teach us the basics. 

Many of us had had a go at crochet before, copying videos on YouTube- but you know what? That stuff doesn’t stick. I can copy it perfectly and come away with no idea how to do it again without having to rewatch the video. 

Cherry’s instructions were clear and simple. I came away confident that I could read a pattern and understand the basics. 

Cherry and her mum are such lovely people. They’re patient and easy to understand, so even amongst the chaos of crying, breastfeeding, nappy changing and coffee drinking, this old craft of crochet was handed from two women to 20 others like a gift to bring joy for the future. 

I’ve already made beanies for upcoming birthdays. 

Cherry runs regular classes at E for Ethel in North Adelaide. 

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