Minus shift work. 

Today is Friday. Friday in the world of maternity leave is not a great deal different to most other days with one exception. 

I know that tomorrow, I’ll wake up, roll over & see all the faces in the family I’ve made. 

That I’ve created. 

Lately, it occurred to me that even if I live to be 100, that’s only 38,900 days on this planet. It’s just not enough. That realisation has really spurred me to reassess my priorities and goals. 
My future hopes are: 
•Focus on family. Give them my undistracted time, love & attention. 
•Remember that happiness from things is only temporary and stop spending money on things that will soon become clutter. 
•Work my garden. Help it grow. 
•Save the monies. Get debt free. Buy a house so that when I’m old, I’ll be debt free, won’t have to pay rent & have an investment for my kids. 
I’m far from perfect. These are simple goals. 
I want to stop wanting more things. I think that’s the key. 
I’m generally happy with the things I have here & now. I don’t need more clutter. 
This is it. 

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