This may be a word that you’re familiar with. Essentially, mindfulness is the ability to stop, breath and be in the moment.

Perhaps now may be a good time to take a few minutes for yourself?

Sit still- it doesn’t have to be a quiet spot. You don’t need to be in yoga pants. You just need to be still. If you have oils on hand, these can help to calm you via your olfactory senses. Our olfactory senses are incredibly powerful.

Geranium is great for mood regulation.
Lavender is an all round go-to for stress.
Peace and calming is grounding and uplifting.
Stess Away, as the name suggests is good for feelings of stress.


Close your eyes or focus your attention on one spot on the wall or the sky or wherever you happen to be.

Breath slowly and deeply, taking at least 3 deep breaths.

When you are ready, let your thoughts come and go like clouds. Acknowledge them, but let them move on. Recognise the emotional response that these thoughts bring with them. Recognise that these thoughts are a choice. And let them pass.

Continue to breath.

Feel the earth under you. Recognise how sturdy it is. Imagine yourself growing roots into the earth, helping you to balance yourself and grow strong.

Continue to breath as you slowly bring your attention back to your day.

Take this moment with you into your day to bring the calm and decrease stress. ♥️

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