Rosemary- not just for cooking.

I’ve been reading A Scented Life- Aromatherapy Reimagined by Pat Princi-Jones. Through it, I’ve learned that Rosemary is the oil of Remembrance- which makes sense as to why we wear Rosemary on Remembrance Day and hold it at funerals. Pat says that Rosemary has the capacity to improve concentration and relieve mental fatigue. It alsoContinue reading “Rosemary- not just for cooking.”

Anxiety and coffee scrub.

The internet seems awash with information about self care and anxiety. Anxiety is incredibly common. It’s normal to feel anxious in any given moment. It’s when that anxiety starts to effect our quality of life- that’s when it becomes an issue. I speak from experience, and also from research. I am a mental health nurseContinue reading “Anxiety and coffee scrub.”

Sauerkraut and probiotics. A good team.

  You can watch A Little DIY Sauerkraut by clicking here.     I have a little food swap group with some friends. We use this as an excuse to catch up, mainly, and we swap some amazing food that we have cooked or grown or bought and have excess of. I was going toContinue reading “Sauerkraut and probiotics. A good team.”

Fermented in Iso.

I chose to go on annual leave at the most peculiar time. I am a mental health nurse. It’s my job to ensure that people who are facing mental health concerns have the support suitable for them to maintain a good quality of life. I took annual leave to further my studies into CBT. That,Continue reading “Fermented in Iso.”