Minus shift work. 

Today is Friday. Friday in the world of maternity leave is not a great deal different to most other days with one exception. 

I know that tomorrow, I’ll wake up, roll over & see all the faces in the family I’ve made. 

That I’ve created. 

Lately, it occurred to me that even if I live to be 100, that’s only 38,900 days on this planet. It’s just not enough. That realisation has really spurred me to reassess my priorities and goals. 
My future hopes are: 
•Focus on family. Give them my undistracted time, love & attention. 
•Remember that happiness from things is only temporary and stop spending money on things that will soon become clutter. 
•Work my garden. Help it grow. 
•Save the monies. Get debt free. Buy a house so that when I’m old, I’ll be debt free, won’t have to pay rent & have an investment for my kids. 
I’m far from perfect. These are simple goals. 
I want to stop wanting more things. I think that’s the key. 
I’m generally happy with the things I have here & now. I don’t need more clutter. 
This is it. 

Brassica in Spring. 

I’ve been learning about my garden. 

I’ve been interested in gardening since I can remember, but can’t say I’ve been particularly good at it. I’d take an interest. Then loose an interest. Plants would thrive. Plants would die. 

I didn’t understand why the plants would die, or that it is common practice to have to plant more seeds during specific months. I didn’t understand much about fertiliser or my worm farm. 

Slowly but surely, I’m gaining the knowledge of how it all works. 

And here’s the thing. 

Every morning I wander around my tiny yard that still somehow spaciously houses my tiny, urban farm and it brings me joy. 

Joy to see my tiny seeds sprout. 

Joy to pick the fruits of my labour and understand how they will nourish me & my family. 

Joy to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool of the rain and take a deeper understanding of just exactly the purpose of it all is. 

Joy to feel the dirt beneath my feet. 

Joy to watch the wonder in my babies eyes as they see the plants emerge. 

Everyone should find their tiny garden. 

Learning the art of crochet with Bright Red Cherries. 

I’m on mat leave with at least 20 other women at the moment. That seems like a lot, until you realise that I work with about 350 people- most of them women. 

We have a good crew. Mostly creative, lateral thinkers so it’s no surprise that so many of us were keen to learn crochet whilst nursing our babies, making them beanies and booties. This winter’s been a bit cold here in Adelaide. 

I’d seen instagram posts for Bright Red Cherries and thought I’d contact them to see if they were interested in teaching a couple of classes to me and my friends. We had a venue sorted, so Cherry was keen to come to our baby friendly space and teach us the basics. 

Many of us had had a go at crochet before, copying videos on YouTube- but you know what? That stuff doesn’t stick. I can copy it perfectly and come away with no idea how to do it again without having to rewatch the video. 

Cherry’s instructions were clear and simple. I came away confident that I could read a pattern and understand the basics. 

Cherry and her mum are such lovely people. They’re patient and easy to understand, so even amongst the chaos of crying, breastfeeding, nappy changing and coffee drinking, this old craft of crochet was handed from two women to 20 others like a gift to bring joy for the future. 

I’ve already made beanies for upcoming birthdays. 

Cherry runs regular classes at E for Ethel in North Adelaide. 

Little Merchants

I’m sitting here with my 3 month old baby on my lap, trying to type as she wriggles. My two year old is asleep on the couch and somewhere in amongst the current calm that has bestowed this house, I have decided that now would be a good time to write or make some art. A lack of canvas has lead me to type away my incessant creativity, as my right forearm is getting gummed and little arms flail around.

The Friday just gone was a good post day. I met the delivery man twice that day. He was a funny man, perhaps in his 50’s. He cracked jokes and gave the parcels to my two year old and made her feel very important. It was quite  sweet of him to have a chat. Being on maternity leave can be a bit lonesome. Having a brief interaction where you don’t have to repeat yourself and who talks at the appropriate times is quite a relief.

One thing I do happen to do a bit of whilst on maternity leave, or so it appears, is online shop. My latest purchase has come from the lovely Kate of Little Merchants. I met Kate quite a few years ago now,  and she has always struck me as a pure soul with a lot of love to give. She’s the sort of girl who simultaneously has her feet on the ground and her head  in the clouds. We haven’t exactly kept in touch, but the state of cyber space allows me to vaguely keep track of those of whom I would have likely otherwise lost track of, and Kate is one of those people.

Kate has been a wanderer, that’s for sure. I met her here in Adelaide, and from here she spent some time near Perth and then moved to Brisbane and is now in Far North Queensland. She has an adorable little girl and becoming a mother has clearly been a huge inspiration for starting her online business, Little Merchants.

Little Merchants is an online store that specialises in selling baskets and baby changing baskets. What makes these baskets special, is they are each unique and individual, woven with elephant grass by women in Ghana. Buying a basket from Little Merchants gives back to small communities in Ghana, whilst looking beautiful on my arm at the local farmers market. The baskets, with their natural dyes and materials are eco-friendly and sustainable, which is a huge thing for me and is thankfully becoming more and more the norm.

I chose this one, as turquoise is my favourite colour, whilst pink is my two year olds. It’s sturdy, bright and incredibly well made. I could feel the love that Kate has for Little Merchants throughout the whole purchase in the stylish branding and the simplicity of the packaging.

The Little Merchants Instagram & Facebook feed is awash with images that simultaneously celebrate nature and motherhood.

You can find the website at www.littlemerchants.com.au

The Deli

I awoke initially somewhere around 3:30am. I wrote a sweet piece about the perils of parenthood and then I accidentally deleted it. The story was full of pretty words and I lost it. Devo. 

My brother contacted me the other day to see if I wanted to partner up with him to write reviews. Him, a talented chef on the words. Me, an apparent airhead on the photos. Sounds like fun. 

I needed some fresh work, so whilst a little exhausted, I dragged my husband and youngest daughter to The Deli on George Street in Thebarton. 

The Deli has changed over the last few years. I have fond memories of Sunday sessions in the courtyard and skateboarding in the back alley. The place has a little bit of my heart.   

The Deli’s modern incarnation is slick. It’s a beautiful layout, with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area is dog friendly (how cool is that!?). 

Today, I ordered the Corn & Zucchini Fritters with a side of mushrooms. Initially I was apprehensive. I’m a firm believer that fritters should be crispy. These fritters were not crispy. They were light and airy and topped with some serious flavour intensity. The colours were gorgeous. The eggplant melted in my mouth. So yum. 

My husband ordered the burritos and mumbled something about it being amazing whilst taking mere minutes to inhale the entire meal. 

The coffee was 5/5 stars. Coffee is important. 

Finally, the staff were easy to talk to and really friendly. They treated all their customers like old pals. I could really tell they liked their jobs. Friendly, fun staff is something important to me. I’m easily intimidated by people who are too cool for school and would much rather spend my hard earned bucks somewhere like The Deli where I feel comfortable and at ease. 

The Deli hits a lot of marks on the head. Great food. Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Great people. 

Keep it up, kids.  

Getting Creative at the Adelaide Art Society. 

Squiggly sqigs.

 Last night, I went to a life drawing session at the Adelaide Art Society. It’s been a while and I’m pretty damn rusty, but the meditative process of getting the shapes and shades and tones- man, there’s nothing like it.   

The group was small, about 8 people in total. As soon as I walked in I was made to feel at home, being shown where everything was and being introduced to the group.  

All skill levels were present. It’s beautiful to see so many different interpretations of the same subject, all looking alike but remarkably different. 

Wednesday nights- Margaret St. North Adelaide from 7:30-10. $10 members $14 non-members. 

Nature’s Providore- Duthy Street, Malvern. 

It was a day without my one year old. A day for just me where I wasn’t nervous that something bad would happen to my daughter without me with her. I could breath and relax without being climbed all over and repeatedly asked ‘What’s that?’ A gentle day to remember myself. 

The day before, Veronica had messaged me and Anna to see if we were free for lunch. She suggested Nature’s Provadore as she had been there once before and she follows them on instagram. 

I picked up Anna from her house with the intention of meeting Veronica there. The sky was blue and the air was warm- Spring is well and truely here after the intense storms we’ve been experiencing here in Adelaide. 

Anna and I chatted all the way to Duthy Street, mostly with excitement about Anna’s recent holiday. I don’t mind a bit of armchair travel. Once we got to the street we were both enchanted by the little rows of shopfronts, which have obviously stood there for decades upon decades. An art supplies store, a vintage shop, bakeries, cafes- such style and beauty. 

We parked the car and wandered in to Nature’s Providore, initially being hit with the smell of something delicious cooking and the sights of cool and unique health foods for sale. 

We took our seat, and made our orders. I ordered spicy beans with cashew cheese and bread with olive oil. Anna ordered poached eggs on sautéed greens and Veronica ordered a spelt and ricotta tart. 

The menu caters for vegans, vegetarians, those who eat chicken and those who are gluten free. 

The meals were delicious. They were beautifully presented and the serving sizes were huge. 

The coffee was delicious, too, and for dessert Anna and I split a lemon tart and a salted caramel tart which I didn’t need, but certainly wanted.

We sat in the window at a huge table and chatted about what had been going on in our lives. Our relationships, new and old. Our directions in life, professionally and personally. Of holidays that have happened and that are about to. 

It was perfect.

Here’s to good food, good friends and beautiful rays of sunlight. 

Spring in Adelaide.


A new blog. A new start as things have changed. My whole identity has shifted and I’m not entirely sure what that means, but as I sit here alone for what might just be the first time in months, I’m slowly remembering all the little things that make me happy. The pottering, the cups of warm beverages and the ability to get dressed and do my hair and think about nothing else at the same time.

I love my daughter. I love my husband. They’re the family I have always wanted. But somewhere in there, whilst trying to make everything perfect, I’ve forgotten myself. Things have slipped. Here is what I need to feel normal again. A feed of constant creativity, even if no one reads it.

Spring has sprung and damn, it’s time to roll it out, Sunshine.

Welcome to Wanderer Wonderer. Here, you can expect to find a fair bit of photography, some existential thoughts about crap that doesn’t really matter, a whole lot of family love and probably some cooking. I promise not to over use words and phrases like “Amazing! Awesome! -Or- Trust me!” Nothing I make will ever be “The best (insert whatever it is here) EVER!” because I’ve read and written that too many times myself to ever believe it ever again.

Here, you’ll find realism and I’ll try to make it beautiful.

Here is a song that I am absolutely in love with today.

That’s one thing I need to do more of- dance!

Happy Sunshine Day.