Spring in Adelaide.


A new blog. A new start as things have changed. My whole identity has shifted and I’m not entirely sure what that means, but as I sit here alone for what might just be the first time in months, I’m slowly remembering all the little things that make me happy. The pottering, the cups of warm beverages and the ability to get dressed and do my hair and think about nothing else at the same time.

I love my daughter. I love my husband. They’re the family I have always wanted. But somewhere in there, whilst trying to make everything perfect, I’ve forgotten myself. Things have slipped. Here is what I need to feel normal again. A feed of constant creativity, even if no one reads it.

Spring has sprung and damn, it’s time to roll it out, Sunshine.

Welcome to Wanderer Wonderer. Here, you can expect to find a fair bit of photography, some existential thoughts about crap that doesn’t really matter, a whole lot of family love and probably some cooking. I promise not to over use words and phrases like “Amazing! Awesome! -Or- Trust me!” Nothing I make will ever be “The best (insert whatever it is here) EVER!” because I’ve read and written that too many times myself to ever believe it ever again.

Here, you’ll find realism and I’ll try to make it beautiful.

Here is a song that I am absolutely in love with today.

That’s one thing I need to do more of- dance!

Happy Sunshine Day.