Apple Pie Bliss Balls

I was talking to someone yesterday about bliss balls- I mean, how good are they? Little balls of goodness in all the flavours.

I made these ones yesterday- so good. So, so good. I must have eaten… 6? Gah.

Here’s how it goes.

Apple Pie Bliss balls

•2 cups of oats

•half a cup of dried apple.

Blitz on high for one minute.


•one cup of sultanas.

•2 Tablespoons of maple syrup.

•Half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Blitz on medium until it combines.

Roll into balls and refrigerate.

Keen to hear your fav combos. ♥️

My Oily Story

Thanks for coming to visit. I’m Sally- mumma of two, wife, lover of life. I live here in Adelaide, South Australia with my fam bam, on our little plot of land just outside the CBD. We aim for an urban farm vibe with a lot of plants and colour thrown in. Pal, what’s a life without colour?

In my day job, I work as a Mental Health Nurse with a particular interest in anxiety. Why? Because I have lived experience in that area. This is how I became interested in Essential Oils and mate, the benefits that I have seen in my own health since using them has been phenomenal. I never even knew I could get so grounded.

I started using the oils in every aspect of my life. I add frankincense and orange to my face serum. I make my own foaming hand soap and foaming cleanser. Oils to sooth mozzie bites. I use the scents as perfumes and to assist me to go to sleep- I have to meditate and calm my thoughts in order to sleep or I will toss and turn all night. The oils help me to ground. I even use them in cleaning and on my kids. There is literally an oil for everything! Plus, with Young Living’s culinary range, the possibilities are endless.

I got involved in the oily biz after seeing these intense changes in myself and I have gained so much insight. My thoughts are clearer and I feel much more present.

The community that is growing around me is amazing and beautiful- it’s an honour to meet so many people who just want to do good for themselves and their families, and make this world a less toxic and healthier place. Anxiety can be a lonely place sometimes and connection is key. I’ve found that here. Supporting each other is so important.

You wanna join our community? Become a member! All you need to do to become a member, is snap up a Premium Stater Kit. It’s bloody good value too- 12 of the most used and versatile oils, 2 Ningxia Red sachets, Thieves hand sanitizer, Theives household spray and 2 roller filaments to make your oils in to rollers. Not to mention, a gorgeous diffuser. I love these beautiful pieces of art. I have one in almost every room in my house- total vibe setting.

All these items would normally cost over $500 and you get them, plus your membership for $267 (depending on the diffuser you choose)! It’s such a great way to get started on this journey.

These oils are pure. No fillers. No crap. All the oils and other items are so highly concentrated that they can be diluted substantially, so they will last for ages.

This is a safe place. I’m here to help you. Life is for learning so let’s do this together.

Your membership will also get you a welcome gift from me, exclusive support and content and invites to groups, classes and talks. You’ll be invited to join the exclusive Wanderer Wonderer Facebook group to provide you with easy access to resources as well as an opportunity to meet like minded people. No pressure, but if you do sign up a pal you’ll get $65 for each person you sign up, as long as you’ve spent 50 PV that same month. And it’s really not hard. Once you start using the products, they’re easy to share about because they work. Community is everything.

I would love for you to join our Community.

Members will enjoy 24% off retail pricing on your favourite products.

There is no monthly commitment.

When on Essential Rewards we can:

  • earn rewards and free products through our Essential Rewards Loyalty Program.
  • Take advantage of unique promotions.
  • Enjoy reduced shipping costs with the Essential Rewards program.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive Young Living Events.
  • Earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.

Essential Rewards is well worth it for a Low Tox lifestyle. Not having to go to the shop to get the things I need makes my life so much easier.

With Essential Rewards, you’re rewarded with a different 5ml oil at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months.

Not only that, you get points back for each order for you to spend, and the amount you get back increases the longer you are involved. You get your first 10 points just for signing up. Get all your cleaning products, oils, beauty products and personal hygiene products delivered to you on a monthly basis- takes the stress out of low tox living for me! I love how easy Young Living make it for me to live well.

Have any questions? I am here to help- shoot me a message over on Instagram or leave a comment here, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Carrier Oils

A list of just some oils that can be used when diluting essential oils.

Essential oils have been a part of my life since I can remember. I’ve used them to treat colds, clean the house and to bring about the vibe I’m after in my household.

I was thinking- I know that essential oils should always be diluted, but what should I dilute them with?

I’ve compiled a very short list here of some easily accessible oils that you probably even have in your pantry right now.

I would have to say my favourites are coconut and rosehip. They leave my skin feeling so lovely, and I love the mental imagery that they conjure up.

Right now, a massage with a little panaway and coconut oil would be just the ticket to relax into this beautiful evening.

Anxiety and coffee scrub.

The internet seems awash with information about self care and anxiety. Anxiety is incredibly common. It’s normal to feel anxious in any given moment. It’s when that anxiety starts to effect our quality of life- that’s when it becomes an issue.

I speak from experience, and also from research. I am a mental health nurse and I am currently studying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

I still remember the first panic attack I ever had. It was in the car, driving to uni when I was in second year nursing. I was in a crappy relationship that I felt trapped in. My brain interpreted this as genuinely being trapped, and would trigger the Fight or Flight response in my body, throwing out adrenaline when I least expected it to. I didn’t know what was happening. I felt the seat belt feel tight across my chest. I felt my heart pound, my breathing struggled and my head went light. I wondered if I was going to die. I didn’t. And despite feeling that way a hundred times after this initial experience, I never died and other than that passing (although horrible) feeling, nothing bad ever happened.

Now, I’m lucky I’m stubborn. I will be controlled by nothing and no-one, and so although I found these panic attacks to be quite fear inducing I worked on restructuring my thoughts about them, remembering that panic attacks can not kill me and that people jump out of planes to feel that same adrenaline rush that I experienced by just existing. I also left the situation that was causing the panic attacks to happen.

They continued to last for about a year, and the generalized anxiety that accompanied it is something that I am always working on. I don’t let it hold me back, though. I mean, we only get one life, so we have to be brave. The more brave we are, the less our negative thinking patterns can effect us.

Our thoughts effect our feelings effect our behaviours effect our thoughts and so on.

Next time a negative thought creeps into your head, stop. Think about if that thought is actually true. Realise that it’s not true. Replace that thought with something positive.

For example, last night negative thinking patterns creeped in to my head. I started to think negatively about my body and my skills as a parent. And then a light bulb went off. My kids love me and I love them. My body works as it should and I am so lucky that it does. I get to dress it in clothes that make me feel creative and it holds the hugs that I so enjoy. Would I speak to anyone else the way I just spoke to myself? No fucking way. That shit has to stop.

Do something nice for yourself for a change and notice how everything else will change with it.

Now, a body scrub may seem a bit boring and a bit useless, but starting small and being kind is the best way to start.

Plus, a coffee body scrub is sensory and can help us to ground ourselves- touch, smell, and sight and even hearing are all the senses that we can use here. It feels good. And while you do it, think about the things that you are grateful for.

Gratitude is the attitude. I read recently, that when we are in the habit of thinking negative thoughts, our brains actually can’t access positive memories. That’s why we get stuck in a cycle of negative thinking. Break that cycle, and you’ll remember all the good times as well.

Mocha Body Scrub.


1 Cup of Brown Sugar.

Half a cup of Coffee grinds (Can be used).

2-3 Tablespoons of Cocoa.

Half a cup of oil- I used coconut or olive.

1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder or 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil (make sure that this is good quality essential oil- you don’t want to be buying anything with fillers.)


In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. Store in a clean jar and use within two weeks. Can be kept in the fridge to extend the shelf life, however make sure you take it out before you want to use it so that the oil has a chance to melt.

To use:

Jump in the shower and get a little wet all over. Turn the water off and start scrubbing all over. This mixture can be used on your face, however make sure to not get it in your eyes. Once you’re feeling all scrubbed, turn the taps back on and wash the mix off. Continue your shower as normal.

And here it is in Youtube form.

I hope that this helps someone today.